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Wrapping an Axopar in 3M PPF (paint protection film)

The innovative Marine Coatings team spent the day at The Quays Marina to wrap this Axopar using 3M Paint Protection Film (PPF).

Over the years we have worked across many boats and have found that not all paint jobs are the same. Some boats just have a softer paint on them compared to others, just like this one.

The clear film works as a shield to protect the paint from damages against different elements without having to change the colour or the design of your boat.

For this boat specifically, it was applied to protect the boat from further damage for when the boat gets docked.

3M PPF is easy to clean, tough and durable which makes it harder to scratch, which makes it perfect for this boat and the owner!

Check out our quick project video below.

Boat: Axopar

Project: Vinyl Hull Wrap in 3M PPF (paint protection film)

Location: The Quays Marina

We strongly recommend you leave all your vinyl and PPF wrapping to an expert. If you are looking for a wrapping specialist, hit that Get Quote button below to get in touch with us today!


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