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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost for a hull wrap? 

It very much depends on the size of the vessel.  At the moment for single colour wrap from the waterline to gunnel we normally work on around $165 per boat foot.


2. What type of vinyl do you use and how long does it last for?

We use 3M 2080 series. This vinyl has an expected lifespan up to 7 years depending on some factors so we normally suggest around 5-7 years for a vertical wrap with even sun exposure that is washed regularly.


3. Can you wrap the interior/inside of my boat? Walls, tables, dashboard etc.

Yes, we can!  Link to more details on our website -


4. Does the boat need to be polished or antifouled before you install a wrap?

No, generally not.  We do our own preparation, and if you are getting it antifouled that can be done before or after our wrap installation.


5. Where are you located? Do you have an office I can visit?

We are a mobile business.  Please contact us to make an appointment to visit.


6. What type of prep work is done before installing the vinyl wrap?

Filling and faring of a few small nicks on the surface can be done by InnovativeWraps.

For flaking paint, that needs to be sanded off before installation which we can arrange. 


7. Can you install the hull wrap or a bootstripe in the water?

No, in most cases the boat must be out of the water and on a level hardstand to allow scissor lift access.


8. Can vinyl be removed and how much does it cost?

Yes, it can be removed but it really depends on what quality of vinyl was put on and the condition it is in. Please contact us for a quote.


9. Do you do boat registration numbers (regos) and names?

Yes, we can print and fit new vinyl boat registrations. We have a range of different options for boat names. These can be in vinyl, LED backlit stainless steel signs or non backlit stainless steel. 


10. Do you install synthetic teak?

No, we used to do this, but no longer fit or supply synthetic teak.  Please contact who took this over.

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