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Vinyl Wrap VS Paint 

Vinyl Wrap
1. To give the boat a new appearance or a modern look.
2. Provides protection from exposure from different elements.
3. Easy to install with no "drying time".
4. Easy to maintain and repair. Scratches can be repaired with simple patches and can be washed with a gentle cleaner. Cut and polish is not necessary.
5. Cost saving. Cheaper than a professional respray and you can save cost on the hard stand time.

69ft Symbol wrapped in 3M vinyl
Lagoon 52 wrapped in 3M vinyl Matte Indigo
1. Longer process and also has a drying time.
2. A buff and polish is usually required to prevent the paint from fading faster.
3. Limitations on custom designs or detailed images on the boat as it may be difficult to do with boat paint.
4. Repairs can be more costly as you may need to repaint a larger area to keep the appearance visually consistent. 
5. Less environmentally friendly.
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