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Amazing Benefits of Wrapping Your Boats with Vinyl

Marine painting has been the conventional boat coating method for many years now. It’s a decent long-term solution, but it might be time to consider vinyl wraps in certain applications.

“Boat wraps allow you to decorate the vessel by customising its colours and patterns. They usually last for 3 to 5 years, and even longer particularly on vertical surfaces, such as the boat’s hull. The lifespan of a boat wrap depends on various factors, including quality of the wrap, installation, level of exposure, and maintenance.”, shares Alister Clare, investment consultant at Credit Capital and a boating enthusiast.

Since the 2000s, vinyl wraps have become a strong competitor of marine painting. You can print almost anything on the vinyl---names, logos, intricate drawings, etc.

1. Gives Your Boat a New Appearance

Boats are expensive. So, most of us can’t simply buy a new one once we are tired of the current vessel we have. A vinyl wrap can completely transform a boat’s appearance at only a fraction of marine painting cost. Whether for personal or commercial applications—the aesthetic details are entirely up to you. Your boat will look like brand new after vinyl installation.

2. Provides Protection from Elements

Boats undergo standard durability tests before they’re put on the market. This is why you are promised years of enjoyment when you purchase a vessel from a legitimate boat manufacturer. However, just like any other object, boat surfaces will become damaged or faded due to elemental exposure. Although there are excellent paint jobs, they still require maintenance. A professionally-installed vinyl wrap can provide better protection and minimal repair.

3. More Options in Design and Colours

The result of conventional marine painting largely depends on the artist. Not to mention, a custom paint job can cost you a fortune.

Vinyl wraps can be printed with eye-catching graphics with luminous colours. You can choose between matte, metallic, and texture finishes.

Any graphics can be reproduced on vinyl wraps, which means that the only limit is your imagination.

4. Easy to Install and Remove

It takes only a few days to install a vinyl wrap, depending on the size of your boat. This means that when you change coating, your boating routine won’t be significantly affected. Unlike paint jobs, there’s no need for drying time in between coats.

A vinyl boat wrap is also easier to remove. With enough care, the removal process won’t damage the surface underneath. This means vinyl coating ideal for advertising, corporate branding, and sponsorships. Or if you want to update the boat’s look regularly.

5. Easy to Clean and Repair

Custom vinyl wraps have minimal maintenance requirements. Experts recommend hand-washing them with a gentle cleaner (e.g., dishwashing detergent) mixed with water. Avoid any harsh chemicals to preserve the luminosity. It is also discouraged to use pressure washers as these could pull up the edges.

If vinyl gets damaged, the installer can simply cut out the damaged part and apply a patch.

Innovative Marine Coatings is Australia’s premiere installer of exterior and interior vinyl boats wraps. We design, print, and install custom vinyl on water vessels to enhance protection and aesthetics. Contact us now to transform your boat!

Article written by Jasper Cooper

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