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Vinyl Boat Wrap - 38ft Mustang in 3M Satin Thundercloud

This hull wrap project was done by the Innovative Wraps team at Fenwicks Marina in April 2023.

The condition of the hull, due to its age required a little bit of attention and prep work (filling and faring) before installing the vinyl.

The colour chosen by the customer is called Satin Thundercloud S271 from the 3M 2080 range.

We are super happy with the outcome of this project which only took a couple of days to complete and the new vinyl wrap has given this boat a complete new look.

Before and after photos below!

Vinyl wrapped all the way around the back and even on the edges of the swim deck.

New rego design to finish the job.

Looking to freshen up your boat? From solid colour wraps to custom designs for any sized vessel. Click on the Get Quote button below for a free quote!

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