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Vinyl Hull Boat Wrap - Pelta in Gloss Black and Satin Black Rails

Another project done at Sydney City Marine by the Innovative Marine Coatings team a few years ago.

A big thank you to the owners and captains past and present as it was a real privilege being a part of this project.

Check out the time lapse video below to see the IMC team apply 3M vinyl wrap on the hull and rails, Pelta now looks sleek!

Boat: Pelta

Project: Vinyl Hull Wrap in 3M Gloss Black and Satin Black Rails

Location: Sydney City Marine

All boats are wrapped using 3M Products. Why? Because there has been no other product that we have tried and tested that can compare to their long lasting quality.

It helps that it's super easy to apply which means your boat can be out on the water sooner rather than later!

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