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Vinyl Boat Wrap - Cape 31 in 3M Gloss Sterling Silver

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Innovative Wraps first job for 2022!

This Cape 31 came all the way from South Africa. The owner of the boat unfortunately faced some shipping delays and the boat was stuck in customs for quite some time. As we patiently waited for the boat to arrive, we used the time to work closely with the owner of the boat, Dave. Together we went through the colour options and in the end settled on the Gloss Sterling Silver (G251) for the hull and stern.

We thank both David for trusting our business and the guys at Noakes!

Check out the photos below and the project at the bottom of the page.

Before and after...

Job nearly done...

And the final touch was applying the boat name and vessel number in navy blue across the stern. Job completed!

Project video

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