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Vinyl Boat Wrap - 66ft Sunseeker Manhattan in 3M Gloss Sterling Silver with a new backlit boat name

This 66ft Sunseeker Manhattan was vinyl wrapped by the Innovative Wraps team at Marina Bayside.

The customer wanted to give their vessel a complete new colour. The original colour was a dark navy blue with cracks starting to appear on the surface. We installed 3M Gloss Sterling Silver G251 on the hull and the edges of the swim deck platform. Keeping somewhat of it's original appearance we installed a new Sunseeker decal in the same location on the boat.

The vinyl installation itself took around 2 days to complete and another 2 days to safely install the brand new backlit LED boat name "ASPEN" on the transom door.

Specs for "ASPEN"

Size: 300mm high

Front: 3mm polished mirror finish stainless steel with marine grade 316

Back: 30mm thick acrylic

LED Voltage: 24vdc

LED Colour: Fully controllable LED system with remote

Font: Rockwell

Project pics below

Progress shots! We were so lucky to have the sun out right in the middle of the winter season.

Wrapped from the chine up to the rub strip.

Lit up stainless steel boat name installed on the transom door!

Looking to get your boat wrapped and need a quote? Get in touch with our team via the "Get Quote" button below!


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