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Vinyl Boat Wrap - 17ft Flightcraft in 3M Gloss Burnt Orange

This 17ft Flightcraft was a fun little project for the Innovative Wraps team.

The owner of this boat wanted to restore the boat, for obvious reason (heavily faded) but keep the original colour. The plan was to make it look clean and simple. We installed the new vinyl wrap on the hull and on the transom as the top section was still in a decent enough condition which didn't require a new wrap.

The vinyl colour code used for the project was 3M Gloss Burnt Orange G14.

For all exterior wrapping projects we use 3M vinyl, which has quite a large range of colours and in different types of finishes, from gloss to textured brushed films. The 3M colour chart can be viewed HERE

Before and after!

Starboard side

Port side and transom

Vinyl install completed with new registration decals.

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