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Vinyl Hull Boat Wrap - Beneteau 50 in 3M Gloss Midnight Blue

The team at Innovative Marine Coatings remember this job as if it was only yesterday. This one was done all the way back in 2016 and we remember how faded and run down this Beneteau 50 looked before we had applied the vinyl wrap.

One of the problems the owners were experiencing at the time, was that no matter how hard and how many times they tried to polish the boat, they just couldn't get it to look brand new again. Now with the new vinyl wrap they no longer have to worry about fading and can enjoy an easy maintenance cleaning routine by doing a simple wash.

Check out the video of the IMC team giving this Beneteau 50 a new hull wrap. It was a day well spent at White bay 6, Sydney, we are super stoked on the outcome!

Boat: Beneteau 50

Project: Vinyl Hull Wrap in 3M 1080 Gloss Midnight Blue (GP272)

Location: White Bay 6, Sydney

Looking for a better way to maintain and protect your boat that's not going to cost a fortune?

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