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Vinyl Boat Wrap - Axopar 37 in 3M Brushed Black Metallic

We (Innovative Wraps) added another project to our list of Axopars we have wrapped. We installed 3M Brushed Black Metallic BR212 on the hull and even the bottom section on the edges of the swim deck. As you'll see from our pictures below, we were challenged by the rain and wind and had used tarpaulin to keep the surface dry so we could apply the new vinyl. Luckily the rain held off for most of the day and we managed to smash the job out that same day.

This project was recently done at the Quays Marina. We would like to thank Kate for being such a great customer, we hope you're happy with the outcome just as much as we are!



Close up shot of the brushed texture.

Wrap complete!

The Innovative Wraps team are vinyl installation experts who specialise in the marine industry in Sydney.

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