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Vinyl Boat Wrap - 42ft Catamaran in Avery Blue

This 42ft Catamaran was wrapped by the Innovative Wraps team at Woolwich Dock. This was an install only job as the customer had supplied the material with their preferred brand, Avery. It's not our first time using Avery vinyl. In fact, many many years ago, we had wrapped a Swanson 50. If you haven't seen this project video you can view it HERE.

This 42ft Catamaran is a family owned charter boat in Sydney's north shore.

New vinyl and new decals installed!

42ft Catamaran wrapped in Avery Blue vinyl

Inner hull walls

Fitting the new vinyl.

42ft Catamaran wrapped in Avery Blue vinyl

Innovative Wraps are experts in vinyl installation specialising in the marine industry in Sydney. Our services range from hull wraps, interior wraps, vinyl decals for corporate events, stainless steel signages, boat stripes and many more!

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