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Boat Stripes and boat name on a Riviera 4000 Offshore

This 45ft Riviera 4000 Offshore once had a painted 100mm grey stripe on the waterline. The owner wanted to make his boat a little bit more modern and fresh as the previous grey painted stripe was starting to fade away.

The Innovative Wraps team installed a 75mm dark grey stripe and just above it, a 25mm black stripe to cover the old stripe completely.

To match the stripe, the owner also wanted a brand new boat name "ACE" which we installed on the transom.

It was a tricky but successful day at White Bay 6 trying to complete this job in between the rain.

Our team are experts in all types of exterior and interior wrapping for all makes and types of boats. From hull wraps to superstructure wraps to printing and installing boat regos and boat names. We are specialist in all things vinyl!

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