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Arvor 905 - Exterior wrap in 3M Satin Gold Dust Black with a new vinyl boat name

A massive thank you to Kieran for trusting us with his brand new and recently purchased Arvor 905. He wanted to give his boat a little bit more personality as he found the original state a bit too plain. Without over doing it, it was decided to wrap only certain sections on the boat to highlight the additional black features.

The vinyl used for this was 3M Satin Gold Dust Black (SP242) with the boat name on the stern in 3M Gloss Black (G12).

This job was done whilst the boat was on a hard stand at White Bay 6.

Before and after picture below!

All marked up for the new vinyl.

Edges of the windows.

Not entirely a big job but it goes to show just how much a little bit can actually make a difference.

Awesome boat name "Bahala Na" which in tagalog (Filipino language) translates to "Come what may. What happens will happen"

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