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Princess V48 "WHY NOT" - Exterior boat wrap in 3M Gloss White

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

This exterior vinyl wrap project was done by the Innovative Wraps team at Royal Motor Yacht Club, Point Piper.

3M Gloss White Vinyl Exterior Boat Wrap

We used 3M Gloss White with 3M 8548G, which is a clear laminate on top to cover the existing white sections for both the roof and transom. For the grey sections, we only added the clear laminate to keep the same appearance but just to provide extra protection.

The same concept was done on both sides of the aft where the mooring lines tend to rub and create wear.

Chrome and Black Boat Name

The last part of the job was replacing the new boat name "WHY KNOT" on the transom in chrome and black.

Princess V48 roof wrapped in 3M Gloss White

Princess V48 after wrapped in 3M Clear Laminate - Clear White Exterior Boat Wrap

Vinyl boat name decal on transom of Princess V48

Innovative Wraps are experts in vinyl installation specialising in the marine industry in Sydney. Our services range from hull wraps, interior wraps, vinyl decals for corporate events, stainless steel signages, boat stripes and many more!


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